welcome to the

Radical House

Radical self-love demands

that we see ourselves and others

in the fullness of our complexities.

~Sonia Renee Taylor

The Journey Home

The power of the pause. Tapping into the wisdom of our Body, Spirit and Mind to bring new information into our busy lives. This is a great place to begin tapping into your powerful presence.

The return to our radical self starts with a journey within. There are many roads to explore. No two journeys are alike. This is a great place to find tools for your practice.

The right navigator for the trip makes it easier. Explore what works for you. Ask questions and get support.

“Your power is your Radical Self. Find it!”

Aya Chebbi


My Radical Self is always evolving and emerging. Always Perfect.

I have spent the better part of 50+ years seeking. The search varied based on my age and current life circumstances but the deeper questions were always the same. I only now understand the questions as well as the motivation behind the seeking…


Whether you’re new to or curious about the whole radical self concept, have a desire to broaden your daily experience, or even just looking for an in-home practice, I’m here.